“The End of Your World” and Other Resources

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“The End of Your World” and Other Resources

I’m adding a few more books to the resources section. First, a new section, on Vigils & the Monastic Cycle: Art & Death, by Chris Townsend Each of the following books represents a unique take on awakening, a broad term that factors in our vision statement: “The Art Monastery Project is dedicated to cultivating personal awakening and cultural […]

Adam Yauch, a.k.a. MCA, was an Artmonk; Beastie Boys’ “Bodhisattva Vow”

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Adam Yauch, a.k.a. MCA, was an Artmonk; Beastie Boys’ “Bodhisattva Vow”

[update: good context for this, a Salon post on Yauch, “From brat to activist: Adam Yauch’s transformation from hooligan to human rights figure paralleled a generation’s coming-of-age,” here.] I’ve started to notice recently how the vows we’ve taken this year (of gratitude, fidelity, and resourcefulness), as well as the midnight Vigils Ritual we’re investigating as part of […]

Shi Yongxin, “CEO Monk” and abbot of the Shaolin Temple

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Shi Yongxin, “CEO Monk” and abbot of the Shaolin Temple

  Buddhism is the dominant religion in China, with as many as 300 million believers across the country. Like other forms of Buddhism, Zen emphasizes letting go of worldly cares and working toward enlightenment through meditation and practice of the Buddha’s teachings, which include a ban on harming any sentient beings. As its home, and […]

Alan Wallace on DharmaCafe.com: Renunciation as Emergence Out of X and Towards Y

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In this excellent interview from dharmacafe.com (via @c4chaos), Alan Wallace says that what often gets translated from Buddhist texts as “renunciation” is something closer to “emergence,” as in when we emerge from childish strategies that don’t work toward something more authentic and fulfilling. It’s more than a radical disillusionment, like Sartre or Camus… They’re renouncing something, […]

Monks for life? « Madhushala

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Madhushala asks about the length and permanence of monastic vows in different traditions, and gets some interesting responses: Monks for life? There was a discussion on Twitter recently about the topic of monks disrobing. It is commonly thought that once monastic vows are taken they are for life. I did not think this was so as pretty […]

Contemplating Second Life

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It’s been years since I stopped into Second Life, but here are a few spots for contemplatively inclined avatars: Saint Francis Church and Monastery “Saint Francis Church and Monastery offers a serene and quiet location perfect for personal reflection, meditation, prayer, or a religious service. Enjoy the stunning beauty of this tranquil island and take […]

“Christian monks are boring and worshipful; Buddhist monks have razor-sharp swords and can kill with their pinkies”

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  America’s Fascination With Buddhism | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.  

Economies of Merit at play in Qinghai

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Last year, the Taer Monastery reported ticket sales revenues of 36 million yuan (US$5.48 million). The money was used to pay every monk about 10,000 yuan in living allowances and to maintain the monastery buildings. In 2010, the per capita net income of farmers and herdsmen in Qinghai was 3,863 yuan, according to the National […]

Economies of Merit

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In many monastic and religious traditions, ethical and spiritual “merit” gets traded like a commodity.1 Nuns and monks agree to live a certain way, abiding by a certain kind of behavior (which their society has deemed the most virtuous or ethical), and in exchange they don’t have to earn their own money to stay alive, […]

The Monastic University

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Is there room for monasteries on university campuses these days? More and more, I envision joining the work we’ve been doing at the Art Monastery Project to existing academic institutions. Imagine artmonks & postgrads, exploring the wide world of (secular/interfaith) monastic living together. Especially if you convinced them that being a monk didn’t have to […]