Mt. Athos: A visit to the Holy Mountain – 60 Minutes – CBS News

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“It’s not Mars or Venus… but it might as well be.” “60 Minutes” gets extremely rare access to the monasteries at Mt. Athos, perhaps one of the most sacred places in Christianity, via CBS News. Bonus: Norris J. Chumley writes on “Bringing the Monk’s Prayers Home from Holy Mt. Athos” in Huffington Post.  


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Via A Vow of Conversion: They say that in any average monastery nine out of ten who come to try the life end up leaving. It’s all about handling the pressure of interpersonal relationships. Either you give up and go away or you stay and make it work. Ultimately there is only one way to […]

Monastery: Žiča

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I’m in central Serbia this week, visiting in-laws. Tomorrow I’ll visit the bright red monastery at Žiča. A note on architecture: Zica is built according to the Raska school in the Romanesuque style. The monastery was originally painted red in the tradition of the Mount Athos monasteries. There are few frescoes dating back to the […]

Getting the questions right

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Examples of the secular world learning from the world’s ancient contemplative and spiritual traditions abound.  Neuroscientists, psychologists, doctors, cognitive scientists and cosmologists are learning from inner technologies of meditation and contemplative practice. But what of the outer, visible, measurable technologies of those traditions? How are we learning from those technologies that fit into what is […]