The Ages of Western Monasticism

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From P. Langdale Hough at Plumblines: From Walled Towns (1919), by Ralph Adams Cram (courtesy of Schmitz). Pages 34 – 35: At the beginning of the Christian the impulse was personal, the individual was the unit, and the result was the anchorites and hermits, each isolating himself a hidden mountain cave, a hut in the desert, […]

The Monastic University

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Is there room for monasteries on university campuses these days? More and more, I envision joining the work we’ve been doing at the Art Monastery Project to existing academic institutions. Imagine artmonks & postgrads, exploring the wide world of (secular/interfaith) monastic living together. Especially if you convinced them that being a monk didn’t have to […]

Monasticism: “putting one’s central energy into a life that revolves around awakening.”

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From Benedict’s Dharma: What are sometimes called “lay monasticism” and “householder practice” are certainly not new, but as vehicles of awakening they are “really a big experiment,” as Joseph Goldstein said. “At a conference some months ago I met a psychiatrist, a very busy guy, who told me that in the last twenty years not […]

“The monastery is neither a museum nor an asylum…

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“The monastery is neither a museum nor an asylum. The monk remains in the world from which the monk has fled, and the monk remains a potent, though hidden, force in that world. Beyond all the works which may accidentally attach themselves to the vocation, the monk acts on the world simply by being a […]

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Worship

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God builds his temple in the heart on the ruins of churches and religions. via Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Worship.

Cyborg Buddha | Philippe Verdoux | On Why It Might Be Wise To Think More About Wisdom

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“In a world torn with strife and warfare, perhaps no problem is more important [than that of understanding and developing wisdom], as wisdom may be the only hope out of the bloodshed.” – Robert Sternberg … But what exactly is wisdom? Would augmenting our cognitive capacities entail a corresponding increase in how wise we as […]

Intrapreneur’s Ten Commandments

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[Part of the Daily Lectio series, named after the Benedictine tradition of lectio divina, “divine reading.” For instructions and background on the series, click here. Subscribe to Daily Lectio. Send comments or suggested readings to] Gifford Pinchot III is one of the co-founders of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, where I went for an MBA in Sustainable Community Economic […]

Announcing: 2011 Artmonk Retreat, Joshua Tree, CA

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What Artmonk Retreat. 10 days, 9 nights. Part silent meditation retreat, Part transformational art ritual. Vipassana, Gregorian chant, musical improvisation, ritual theater, group exercises, and more, in an incredible setting. When The second-ever Artmonk retreat will begin (after a concert in the Integratron by a handful of artmonks) in the late afternoon on Saturday January […]

Alan Chapman » Monasticism and Lay Practice Open Enlightenment

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Some sound advice from Alan Chapman at Open Enlightenment:Monasticism and Lay Practice. “The division between monastic and lay is a cultural division. I’m more interested in how you can experience awakening as a human being… None of the [monastic] frameworks have a monopoly on your experience of enlightenment.” Chapman’s advice seems to be that, if you’re […]

theFWD submission #4

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[intended partially as a provocation, partially completely seriously, for the Future We Deserve collaborative book project] 3rd-Party Certification of Spiritual Agents, Teachers & Centers The goal of certification is to protect both spiritual practitioners (agents), teachers, and centers. Monastic tradition, by adhering to openly published rules and vows and being accountable to a central governance […]