Shi Yongxin, “CEO Monk” and abbot of the Shaolin Temple

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Shi Yongxin, “CEO Monk” and abbot of the Shaolin Temple

  Buddhism is the dominant religion in China, with as many as 300 million believers across the country. Like other forms of Buddhism, Zen emphasizes letting go of worldly cares and working toward enlightenment through meditation and practice of the Buddha’s teachings, which include a ban on harming any sentient beings. As its home, and […]

Brands, beliefs, practices, objects, rituals and community

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Brands, beliefs, practices, objects, rituals and community

In developing ideas for an open-source monastic tradition in my last post, I’ve been thinking of religions and lineages as more or less illusory aggregates of individuals and their communities, unified by a common brand more than anything else. Individuals have beliefs. Communities support these beliefs, or they do not. Occasionally, especially in the early stages, […]

Up to our necks in Augustine

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On Saturday the Art Monastery, a community of artists from a wide range of spiritual traditions working to apply the tools of monasticism to art-making instead of religion, will embark on a 7-day silent retreat in the Jesuit tradition, in which the primary form of activity (and inactivity) will be to read the Rule of […]

Alan Chapman » Monasticism and Lay Practice Open Enlightenment

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Some sound advice from Alan Chapman at Open Enlightenment:Monasticism and Lay Practice. “The division between monastic and lay is a cultural division. I’m more interested in how you can experience awakening as a human being… None of the [monastic] frameworks have a monopoly on your experience of enlightenment.” Chapman’s advice seems to be that, if you’re […]

theFWD submission #3

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[I’m not the first person to feel that spirituality is a bit of a Chinese finger trap, but I haven’t heard it posed in game language per se.  For the Future We Deserve collaborative book project.] Spirituality as a game “My advice to you is not to undertake the spiritual path. It is too difficult, […]

“Re-monking”: What can secular monastics learn from Christian “New Monasticism”?

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In “Re-Monking the Church: new monasticism“, Dr. Chris Armstrong (author of the book Patron Saints for Postmoderns) asks: Can Western monasticism’s “father,” Benedict, still give us an antidote to cultural compromise? His question is inspired by the words of historian Mark Noll: “For over a millennium, in the centuries between the reign of Constantine and the Protestant Reformation, almost […]

Getting the questions right

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Examples of the secular world learning from the world’s ancient contemplative and spiritual traditions abound.  Neuroscientists, psychologists, doctors, cognitive scientists and cosmologists are learning from inner technologies of meditation and contemplative practice. But what of the outer, visible, measurable technologies of those traditions? How are we learning from those technologies that fit into what is […]