Dance-Theater from NYC and Italy.

Since the 2014 Artmonk Summer Lab, “Prime” has toured over 50 performances across Italy, Belgium, Berlin, Stockholm, Dubai, New York City, Boulder and Denver, CO.

“Prime” is a co-production of The Art Monastery Project (based in San Francisco and Italy) and Loom Ensemble (based in NYC and Dubai).

A two person performance created by an ensemble of 10 artists, born out of the intersection of contemplative practice, communal living, and collaborative theatermaking.

It’s a story about relationships and communication, wound around the theme of dawn, full of dream imagery and symbolism inspired by the elements.

Produced and Performed by Neva Cockrell and Raphael Sacks
Directed by Emma Jaster
Music by Jen Kutler
Text by Rachael Richman
Choreography by Jessi Barber
Costume Design by Kim Upstill
Lighting Design by Antonio Stella
Production Assistant Mira AlQ

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Raphael Sacks

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