If the Art Monastery moves and inspires you,

please join our movement and make a donation.

In addition to our projected earned income
from retreats and workshops,
our goal is to raise
$20,000 for 2017 programming.  

Donate $10
to plant a whole row of kale, chard or broccoli seedlings in our garden
Donate $25
to chop wood for ceremonial bonfires & outdoor cooking with a new axe
Donate $75
to build a tent platform and expand capacity to host summer Artmonks-in-residence
Donate $150
to install a hot-water shower in the new bathroom we’re building
Donate $250
to irrigate the vegetable garden — enough to feed more than a dozen Artmonks at a time!
Luxury attic bedroom
Donate $500 to supply the materials to renovate an attic space of our 1770 farmhouse into living space for Artmonks-in-residence.
Come sleep in the bedroom you actualized!
A red barn in rural Wisconsin just after a snow fall
Donate $1000 to insulate our 19th-century barn-turned-art-space so we can continue hosting classes, workshops and residencies right through the Vermont cold.